To promote an equitable, inclusive, child-centered learning community.

1. Represent and serve all families

2. Foster community

3. Supplement the learning environment

Our accomplishments in 2017-2018

Funds raised by the PA increased by more than 20% each year since inception in 2015.

• Income by year:

2015-16: $10,556.44

2016-17: $13,041.27

2017-18: $16,896.82

2017-2018 PA Sponsored Events:

• RBS Fall Family Picnic 

• PreK Olympics

• Field trips for each grade ($10 per child)

• RBS Movie Night

• 125 for PS125 Pledge Drive Fundraiser 

• Book Culture Book Fair Fundraiser 

• Columbia University Bake Sale Fundraiser

• 5th Grade Prom

• Book Nook Donations

• Free childcare and dinner provided at monthly PA meetings 

• 5th Grade Graduation Lunch and Awards

• Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

• Custodial Appreciation Gifts

• Field Day

• Spring Festival (our Spring Festival raised $4,229 this year! The most of any Spring Festival to date.)

• Girls Soccer Team Championship Lunch


Our accomplishments in 2016-2017


- Provide childcare and pizza for all PA meetings.

- Organized and sponsored fall Family Day.

Providing an opportunity for RBS families to get to know each other and enjoy beautiful Morningside park together.

- Opened the BOOK NOOK on the 2nd floor for upper grades.

Due to lack of a library in the building, the PA built a library in the hallway to promote joy of reading.

- Family Photo Fundraiser

A family portrait photo session led by Sheena H (RBS family) which raised $335.

- 10 day Move-a-thon fundraiser.        

Promoting excercise and making healthy choices which raised $6,163. The cost was $647, for total profit of $5,516.

- Wrote and received a $1,200 garden grant.  

Providing garden equipment to our Life Garden.

- Sponsored Women’s Forum.

Providing an opportunity for scholars to meet powerful women in the neighborhood.

Empowering all girls to be who they are.

- Requested District 5 office in this building to relocate.

Creating more space for our kids at PS125.

- Mom’s night out.      

Connecting/bonding moms outside of school.

- Teacher appreciation luncheon.

Showing our appreciation by serving lunch to our teachers and staff.

- Garden volunteer days.

Providing an opportunity for families to experience the school garden and work with soil.

- Created the LIFE Garden sign

Gio (RBS family) created an oil painted garden sign.

- #publicschoolproud T-shirts.

Promoting and celebrating our school.

- Spring Festival 

Providing an opportunity for our school community and beyond to come together to have fun and experience school pride. Raised awareness of #publicschoolpride.

Parents Association Officers 2019 - 2020

Co-Presidents: Mara Tucker & Natasha Hemmingway

Vice President: Dani Friedrich

Treasurer: Helen Qiu

Secretary: Shira Stein

Title 1 rep: To be elected

School Leadership Team

Aliya Thomas

Caroline Bragdon

Tania Ochoteca

Yael Leopold

Petrushka Bazin Larsen

Community Education Council District 5

Sanayi Canton

Kerrian Morrison

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